Retaining Walls in Adelaide for new Builds

If you live in Adelaide, are building a new home and need a Retaining Wall built we are Adelaide's number one choice! We specialise in Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls in Adelaide and we are very familiar with many types of builders, areas and soil conditions!

We are passionate about building your Retaining Walls in Adelaide for your new home!

We love new building sites because it is like a blank canvas for us to work on! In Adelaide Retaining Wall building generally the soil conditions are great for us to get our machinery and equipment on site, drill down large piers and then have enough room to get a concrete truck on site and pour straight into the holes!

Working off your building plans gives us direct and clear instructions for your Retaining Walls in Adelaide. We can liaise with you, your neighbour and builder if we need to to coordinate your perfect Retaining Wall project in Adelaide.

We have a new 1.7 Tonne Hitachi Excavator and a new 5 Tonne Hitachi excavator which allows us to build you a very strong and long lasting Retaining Wall in Adelaide!

Most of our clients have never had to organise a Retaining Wall to be built before!

If built correctly, your Retaining Wall in Adelaide should last you a lifetime. We can guide you through the process and answer all your questions you may have. We can quote your Adelaide Retaining Walls project directly off plans or a site visit. We will like to visit the site with you at some stage if you decide to engage us as your contractor to make sure your Retaining Wall project in Adelaide runs super smooth!


When can I get a quote for my Retaining Wall when I am building in Adelaide?

Once you have you site and drainage plan back from your builder and / or your engineer we will be able to work out and price your new Retaining Wall proposal in Adelaide. We will need this plan as the engineers have calculator your FFL (finished floor level) or your concrete house foundation. How high this foundation sits in relation to the lay of the land will determine the extent of your Retaining Wall requirements in Adelaide.


When is the best time to have a Retaining Wall installed in Adelaide for my new home?

If your builder requires the Retaining Walls constructed in Adelaide prior to the slab going down they will inform you. Also, if access is limited (for our machinery and equipment) then it might be a good idea for us to build them prior to the slab going down as well.

We can usually build the retaining walls in Adelaide after the slab goes down and also towards end of completion of the house. Every site and home is specific to please send us your plans to and follow up with a phone call to (08) 8120 0789.

Adelaide Retaining Walls can be constructed using a super high strength 60MPA concrete sleeper with a steel structural upright.


Retaining Wall Laws

A retaining wall is a structure built to retain a difference in ground level. While a retaining wall can serve as the footing for a fence, the wall itself is not considered to be a fence and is covered by different laws. Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader. The law about retaining walls is principally found under the common law of nuisance, the Development Act 1993(SA) and the Development Regulations 2008 (SA).

The above link will take you to The Law Handbook SA and covers all the legislation surrounding Retaining Walls in Adelaide.