Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls built in Adelaide are used when the home is either higher or lower than the land surrounding it. If you are higher than your neighbour by 1 metre, then you might need a 1 metre high Retaining Wall. If you are building a new home and the land has a slight slope, when the builders install the new foundation level (or straight) then you may need a Retaining Wall.

We love building Retaining Walls in Adelaide and all over Adelaide surrounds as we are very familiar with the different areas, soil types and complexities surrounding them. The owner was born and raised in Adelaide and loves living here. He now has a young family and plans to forever reside in Adelaide and help clients build beautiful, long lasting Retaining Walls!

We enjoy planning your Retaining Wall directly with our clients who are homeowners, mums and dads, renovators, first home buyers and home builders all around Adelaide!

The great thing about building Retaining Walls in Adelaide is that we have formed very close relationships with all major and reputable suppliers who give great product warranties. If you need a Retaining Wall in Adelaide, Active Fencing and Retaining can help plan the perfect Retaining Wall with you.

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The importance of having a Retaining Wall built correctly

A solid structural Retaining Wall in Adelaide should last a lifetime. Just like if you were building a new home, you want your Retaining Wall to stand the test of time and last as long as your home does. In Adelaide and surrounds, we have seen many poorly built Retaining Walls fail prematurely and thus causing the owners financial stress and heartache.

If a Retaining Wall fails, then so will everything it is holding up. Whether it be a pool, paving, concreting, rain water tanks, sewer lines, storm water lines and any other back yard landscaping you can think of. When a Retaining Wall fails in Adelaide, it does not only destroy the actual Retaining Wall itself, but all the surrounding landscaping will end up failing and being destroyed when the failed Retaining Wall is replaced.


What kinds of retaining walls are there available in Adelaide?

By far, Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls are Adelaide’s most popular choice. 99% of our enquiries are for a new Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall. There are also other options for Retaining Walls in Adelaide which include moss rocks, block walls and timber. We specialise in Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls in Adelaide.

Why are Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Adelaide’s number one choice?

  • Come with a 35 Year Product Warranty
  • If built correctly Retaining Walls will last a lifetime in Adelaide
  • Comes in plain grey cement or a variety of decorative patterns and colours
  • Can be engineered to build to different heights and to meet local building codes in Adelaide
  • We can easily weld and attached Colorbond Good Neighbour Fencing or other fencing to the steel uprights for the Retaining Walls in Adelaide
  • Great for saving space and can be built as a common wall on the boundary


Why should you choose Active Fencing and Retaining for your Retaining Wall?

Active Fencing and Retaining actually specialise in Retaining Wall building in Adelaide. We have dedicated and specialist equipment which includes excavators, concrete saws, laser levels and other equipment which enables us to build beautiful and long lasting Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls all over Adelaide!

We have full time office support as well as a full time estimator and project coordinator. This enables us to quote your Retaining Wall project in Adelaide efficiently, plan your project and liaise with council if need to. Our dedicated installation team purely focus on installing and deliver these great Retaining Walls in Adelaide!

We provide a written 10 year guarantee and our concrete sleepers we use our manufacturer provides us with a 35 year product warranty. In Adelaide, Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls are the number one choice and so we have been specialising in this work for many years now.

We are not a general building company who do an occasional Retaining Wall here and there in Adelaide, but we focus and dedicate our business around Retaining Wall building!